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From time to time great teachers come forth to guide us on our journey to spiritual enlightenment. One such teacher was Swami Brahmanand Saraswati (1871-1953). Known to his followers simply as “Guru Dev” or “divine teacher,” Swami Brahmananda was the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, the highest position of spiritual leadership in north India, and the master of many great spiritual teachers, including Swami Karpatri (1907-1982), Swami Shantanand Saraswati (1913-1997) and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918-2008).

Guru Dev spoke supreme truth in simple words that dispel all confusion, strife, anxiety, restlessness and fear and provide the sincere seeker with a direct path to unlimited and permanent happiness.

The Guru Dev Legacy Trust is a non-profit organization whose mission is to locate, preserve and publish the oral discourses of Guru Dev, along with other materials pertaining to his life and teaching. The Trust has placed some of these materials on this website, and will add more as they become available and have been translated to English. The Guru Dev Legacy Trust is committed to eventually creating a complete archive of all discourses of Guru Dev to be readily available to all at no cost. We need more help, especially to assist in translation work, so if you can help in anyway please contact us

Guru Dev Discourses

This site is dedicated to sharing the 'nectar words' of this spiritual teacher, teachings that get to the point and go straight to the heart..

The first posting here is a seasonal one, Guru Dev on the topic of the traditional 'festival of lights'.
        Link to Discourse 1  > >  Guru Dev on the meaning of 'Diwali' festival

The word 'yoga' is often interpreted as meaning the physical or Ashtanga yoga, which involves performing bodily postures, but the word actually predates this form of yoga, as in the ancient Scriptures the word 'yoga' most often refers to an inner mental state.
Link to Discourse 2  > >  Guru Dev on the teaching of 'Yoga'

It is said that in September 1945, when the Second World War was over, newspaper reporters wanted to know the reaction of Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath (Guru Dev). 
        Link to Discourse 3  > >  Guru Dev on gaining victory over the 'Inner Enemies'
        Link to Discourse 4  > >  Guru Dev on the 'Salt Statue in the Ocean'

        Link to Discourse 5  > >  Guru Dev advises; 'Always be on the Lap of Bhagwan'

        Link to Discourse 6  > >  Guru Dev on offering donations to him

        Link to Discourse 7  > >  Guru Dev on cows

Link to Discourse 8  > >  Guru Dev on 'Siddhis' (yogic powers)

        Link to Discourse 9  > >  Guru Dev gives guidance about the need for a meditation practice

        Link to Discourse 10  > >  Our viewpoint is not limited to one place, it is universal
        Link to Discourse 11  > >  We provide medicine and recommend the diet

        Link to Discourse 12  > > Who gets to achieve the Supreme goal?

        Link to Research    > >  Four ashrams associated with the life of Guru Dev

                 Link to Research    > >   Material in Hindi - हिन्दी में

It is intended that other lectures by Guru Dev on a wide range of topics will follow soon!!!

Guru Dev Video and Audio Material

Guru Dev Lucknow 1952
Guru Dev - Shankarcharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati. Lucknow, India, March 1952

You can watch two versions of the Guru Dev movie:-
        1. Guru Dev movie original black/white & colour film footage (silent)
        2. Guru Dev movie original black/white & colour film footage (with added titles and soundtrack)

Guru Dev, Lucknow, March 1952
Guru Dev - Shankarcharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati. Lucknow, India, March 1952

Guru Dev can also be heard snging Sanskrit verses preserved as 'wire' recordings. These are used as soundtracks to newly created videos which include English translations of the Sanskrit. Three of the recordings are verses said to be composed by Adi Shankara, the founder of the Shankaracharya order:-,
        video 1. 'Shri Charpata Panjarika Stotram' ('A Handful of Rags Verses') - 'Bhaja Govindam'  
        video 2. 'Uma Maheshwara Stotram' ('Verses to Uma and Maheshwara')   mp3        
        video 3. 'Narmada Ashtakam' ('Eight verses to the Narmada river')
        video 4. 'Guru Pranaam' ('Eulogy to the Guru')

We also have wire recordings of Guru Dev teaching (in Hindi) - duly converted to mp3 format:-:
        mp3  5. Guru Dev 'upadesha' ('discourse') Part 1 of 4, Lucknow, India, March 1952
  - text & translation
        mp3  6. Guru Dev 'upadesha' ('discourse') Part 2 of 4
, Lucknow, India, March 1952
        mp3  7. Guru Dev 'upadesha' ('discourse') Part 3 of 4, Lucknow, India, March 1952
        mp3  8. Guru Dev 'upadesha' ('discourse') Part 4 of 4, Lucknow, India, March 1952

2016 Re-issue of mp3's - most files have been improved by being re-mastered

1.  'Shri Charpata Panjarika Stotram' ('A Handful of Rags Verses') - 'Bhaja Govindam'   mp3
2.  'Uma Maheshwara Stotram' ('Verses to Uma and Maheshwara')   mp3       
3.  'Narmada Ashtakam' ('Eight verses to the Narmada river')   mp3     
4.  'Guru Pranaam' ('Eulogy to the Guru')   mp3
5.  Guru Dev 'upadesha' ('discourse') Part 1 of 4, Lucknow, India, March 1952  - text & translation
6.  Guru Dev 'upadesha' ('discourse') Part 2 of 4, Lucknow, India, March 1952
7.  Guru Dev 'upadesha' ('discourse') Part 3 of 4, Lucknow, India, March 1952
8.  Guru Dev 'upadesha' ('discourse') Part 4 of 4, Lucknow, India, March 1952

Book of untranslated upadesha of Guru Dev
           Can anyone help with translations of any of these upadesha  or any of the sound files?

Special Offer
An acoustic guitar with dedication of 'Jai Guru Dev', with unique hand-drawn autographed artwork of sunset/sunrise by world famous musician, Singer-Songwriter Donovan Leitch, is available to the person who makes a generous enough donation to the Guru Dev Legacy Trust

Donovan & Paul Mason, St Ives, 15th November 2015 Donovan & Paul Mason, St Ives, 15th November 2015 Donovan and Paul Mason, St Ives, 15th November 2015
Donovan & Paul Mason, St Ives, 15th November 2015 Donovan & Paul Mason, St Ives, 15th November 2015
Donovan & Paul Mason (a Trustee of Guru Dev Legacy Trust)

 Donovan is a strong advocate of transcendental meditation (TM), and has been since 1967 when he first met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Guru Dev's assistant for over a decade). It may be recalled that in 1968, along with friends, John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Donovan spent time in India studying the practice and philosophy of meditation. Donovan heads the Musical Wing of the David Lynch Foundation (DLF) whose goal it is to spread transcendental meditation, and on April 4th 2009, Donovan performed at the concert, as did Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Star, and wonderful flautist Paul Horn (best known for his amazing record, the 'Inside' LP), and together with singer Mike Love of The Beach Boys, they performed a catchy little song entitled 'Cosmically Conscious' written by Paul McCartney whilst all of them were attending the same meditation course in Rishikesh, India, in 1968 . Also performing at the concert in 2009, at Radio City Music Hall, in New York City, were Sheryl Crow, Eddie Vedder, Ben Harper, Moby, Bettye LaVette and Jim James.

On 15th November 2015, whilst handing over the guitar to Guru Dev Legacy Trust member, author Paul Mason, Donovan penned a dedication in permanent marker, writing 'Jai Guru Dev', a phrase used in praise of Guru Dev, Shankaracharya Swami Brahmanand Saraswati, who is said to have taught transcendental meditation to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Jai Guru Dev guitar hand-signed Donovan
'Jai Guru Dev' acoustic guitar autographed by Donovan
(with artwork by this respected singer / songwriter)
photo of Donovan commencing artwork on guitar    video clip of Donovan drawing on guitar

Guru Dev Legacy Trust
Newsletter from the Chairman - 30th May 2016

Swami Brahmananda Saraswati

The Trust has been very active and there are a number of exciting projects underway.

Ashram Newsletters
The Trust continues to make progress electronically archiving copies of "Shri Shankaracharya Upadesha,"' the newsletter published by Guru Dev's ashram containing discourses by Guru Dev. We hope to complete the scanning by year's end.

Beautiful Book from a Board Member
The Board is supporting the publication of a book titled 'Reminiscences' by a Board Member whose father was a direct disciple of Guru Dev. The book contains his father's reminiscences of Guru Dev, along with correspondence between them, as well as correspondence with Maharishi. 

Restoration of Archived Wire Recordings
In the late 1960's, old 16mm film footage of Guru Dev was discovered at a cinema in Lucknow, India, along with a collection of 'wire recordings' (literally reels of wire) of Guru Dev singing devotional music and giving discourses. Some rough tape recordings were made of the wire recordings but the original wire recordings are believed to have been stolen. Copies of the film footage and the tape recordings were carefully digitised, corrected and circulated, before later being shared on YouTube. The quality of the voice recordings has always been a problem, very noisy indeed. The Trust has now engaged a professional recording engineer to restore the tapes. He has so far been able to reduce much of the background noise using modern digital technology. We are very grateful to the anonymous donor in New Zealand who is funding the restoration of the voice recordings.

Upcoming Book - 'The Nectar of Vedanta'
Another of our Board Members is preparing a book titled 'The Nectar of Vedanta'. It presents Vedanta through the teaching of Swami Brahmanand Saraswati (1871-1953) and his principal followers, Swami Shantanand Saraswati (1913-1997) and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918-2008). 'The Nectar of Vedanta' is scheduled for publication by the Trust in 2017.

I hope you enjoyed reading of your Trust's activities. In my next letter, I plan to preview some beautiful translation work being done both in Europe and in Fairfield, Iowa.
In the meantime, the Trust will continue with its mission of preserve and publish materials pertaining to the life and teaching of Guru Dev. We appreciate greatly your interest and continued support.

With warm regards,

Dan Friedman

Guru Dev Legacy Trust

The Trust functions only as an archivist, not as a teaching organization. Persons wishing to learn Transcendental Meditation are encouraged to take personal instruction at any one of the hundreds of Transcendental Meditation Centers throughout the world. The Guru Dev Legacy Trust applauds the work of the organizations founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to teach Transcendental Meditation but is not affiliated with any of these organizations and does not speak for them.

All donations directly fund the above projects. The Guru Dev Legacy Trust is a Charitable Organization registered with the New York State Office of the Attorney General and is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Your contribution is tax deductible under U.S. federal and state tax law.
No person representing The Trust receives remuneration.

जय गुरुदेव  Jay Gurudeva

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